Maddock’s Model 48E Berm Cutter is a tow-type, engine-driven machine designed to pulverize and discharge the high berm at the road edge. This model can average 3 to 5 miles per day, with one man and one machine in a variety of weather conditions. The shoulder vegetation is pulverized by the horizontal cutter drum, then discharged to the right into the field as mulch. When configured for left-hand discharge, the material is deposited onto the roadway in a windrow for loading, or broadcast across the roadway on gravel roads to recover the stone in the berm.

A tractor of approximately 12,000 lbs. weight and capable of ground speeds of 15 feet per minute at idle is required for best operation.


Equipment Type
48-inch Berm Cutter
Right and left discharge.

Drive Type
Engine driven hydraulic pumps and motors.

Cutter Head
56 replaceable tungsten carbide cutter bits. Cutter drum width, 48 inches. 

Discharge Fan
Four blade, 42-inch diameter fan.
Replaceable, 8-inch wide blades.

System Control
Joystick Controls in Operator’s Control Station.

Tires & Wheels
Two, 33/1150 x 16.5 R4 tires.
16.5 x 12 wheels.