84E Asphalt Recycler

Designed for Road Repair using Partial-Depth, Cold, In-Place Recycling and Full-Depth Reclamation

The Model 84E Asphalt Recycler is a tow-type machine with a 84 inch (7 foot) cutting width. With a 450 horsepower diesel engine dedicated to the cutter drive, the Model 84E has more horsepower per foot of cut than any machine in its class. Combined with a 100% mechanical drive line, the 84E puts all of the available power to the cutter drum, unlike self-propelled machines that use a portion of the power to propel, steer, etc. This additional power is a key to the production and performance of this design. And, the mechanical drive is more efficient and less expensive to maintain.


• Cutter Drive
The standard cutter drum for the Model 84E has a maximum cutting depth of 8 inches, with an optional reclaimation drum allowing a 12 inch cutting depth. The arrangement of the cutter bits on the drum (bit-lacing pattern) is designed for optimum performance in the Partial-Depth, Cold, In-Place Recycling method of road rehabilitation.

• Warranty
Chassis and all components except engine, tires, and drive belts: 1 year from date of delivery, 100% parts and labor.

John Deere Engine: 12 months, unlimited hours, or 24 months prior to the accumulation of 2,000 hours. 100% parts and labor. See warranty for details

Equipment has used extensive testing to determine the best combination of bit-lacing pattern and drum speed to achieve this quality of material gradation.

• Equipment Type 
John Deere Industrial. 6135 (135 liter) 6 cylinder turbo-diesel, 450 horsepower, standard. Optional engine configuration up to 500 HP available.

• Drive
Mechanical. Belt-driven planetary gear drive rated at 41,000+ lbs ft. torque.

• Drum Assembly 
Width of cut: 84″, (213 c.m.)
Diameter of bits: 36.5″ (93 c.m.)
Number of bits: 184
Type of bit: Std. carbide tip, conical Bit shank diameter: 3/4″ (20 mm.)
Max depth of cut: 8″ (20 c.m.) – Std. drum
Other drums available to 12″ depth (30 c.m.


• Dimensions
Weight: Approx 28,000 lbs (12,700 kg)
Length: 23′ 4″ (7.1 meters)
Width: 109″ (277 c.m.)
Height: 99″

• Capacities
Fuel Tank. 135 U.S. Gallons