When connected to the backhoe remote hydraulic system, the Maddock BHM18 Backhoe Mill becomes a tool for asphalt or concrete cuts and grinding of shelf rock or outcroppings in construction work. The Depth Gauge allows the operator to pre-select the cutting depth from flush to max. depth in 1/2″ increments.

The Backhoe Mill allows for a maximum cutting depth of 9 inches (12” with depth gauge delete), and is unmatched in cutting depth capabilities for asphalt milling attachments. When compared to skid-steer milling attachments the Backhoe Mill offers several advantages; sufficient down force to penetrate while maintaining depth control, superior operator visibility of work area and cutter, cleaner operator environment, larger working envelope, and cleaner engine environment. The Backhoe Mill is one of the few milling attachments that can cut above grade, useful when cutting on steep slopes.

**** Please Note **** Although the Maddock BHM18 can cut a maximum depth of up to 9” it is recommended that multiple passes be done in order to efficiently clear materiel.

**** Please Note**** A maximum of 12” cutting depth can be achieved with a depth gauge delete.

**** Case drain required from host machine****


Backhoe milling/cutting attachment for asphalt and concrete.

• Hydraulic Requirements 
Pressure, 3,000-4,000 PSI
Flow, 30-40 GPM

• Drive Type 
Hydraulic motor, planetary gear final drive.

• System Control 
Controlled by host machine.

• Weight
Approx. 1,950 lb.

• Cutter Head 
3/4″ shank, tungsten carbide-tipped cutter bits.

Cutting width, 18″

Drum diameter (tip diameter), 24 inches.
Cutter drum speed, 160 RPM at 40 GPM.

• Capacities 
4,000 PSI Maximum
40 GPM Maximum.

Cutting depth, 9 inches maximum with depth gauge installed.

Cutting depth, 12 inches maximum with NO depth gauge installed.