Series II
The cutter drum assembly on this model replaces the moldboard instead of mounting onto the moldboard. This design allows cutting outside the motor grader tires on either side without extending the moldboard into the adjacent lane. Both the Series I and Series II designs are available with various engine and cutter drum configurations to fit the application.


• Operator Controls
A joystick control provides the operator with control of the speed of the cutter drum. Engage/Disengage and Engine Throttle are also controlled from the Operator Con Overview

• Equipment Type 
Asphalt milling attachment for motor graders 

• Engine 
Caterpillar C6.6, 200 HP,  6-cyliner, turbo-diesel


• Drive Type 
Hydraulically driven planetary drive
Fixed displacement hydraulic pump.

• System Control 
Cutter Drum speed, engage/disengage and engine throttle provided in Operator Control Station 

• Cutter Head 
18″ dia. drum with tungsten-carbide cutter bits. Standard drum is 72″ long. Drum speed 100-300 RPM

• Electrical 
12 VDC engine electrical system.

• Capacities 
25 gal. fuel tank. 25 gal. hydraulic tank.
Approximately 8 hours of operating time.

Control Station, provided with the attachment.