The results for the Bell Helicopter Supplier Scorecard are in, and MSP Aviation comes out on top!

Bell Helicopter, a client of MSP Aviation, is a leading American aerospace manufacturer in Fort Worth, Texas. A subsidiary of Textron Inc., Bell manufactures military rotorcraft in and around Fort Worth, as well as in Amarillo, Texas, and commercial helicopters in Mirabel Quebec, Canada. Bell Helicopter also provides training and support services worldwide.

The Supplier Scorecard is a 6-month rolling average score assigned to each supplier based on a combination of performance metrics for supplier parts provided to all Bell facilities; it only applies to suppliers that provide direct-material parts (those going into an aircraft).

Each metric is individually scored in a percentage number. This year, the percentages have been altered, and the Scorecard has been expanded to include key performance indicators in areas Bell views as essential to successful supplier relationships.

Each supplier is now rated based on the following four indicators and percentages:

Quality (40%): This metric is a ratio of the total number of parts (individual units) received versus the total number of parts found to be non-defective in the same period. The total of non-defective parts is determined by subtracting the number of defective parts encountered from the total number of parts received.

On-Time Delivery (40%): This metric is a ratio of the number of scheduled deliveries versus the number of those deliveries that arrived on time, in full. Deliveries short of the total quantity ordered are considered late, regardless of actual dock date, unless the full quantity arrives prior to the actual due date.

Collaboration (10%): This metric is a ratio of the total number of pre-defined collaborative engagement opportunities a suppler has versus the number of those opportunities actually utilized. Any missed opportunity to take advantage of these essential business elements will result in a reduced score.

Pricing (10%): This metric evaluates pricing performance based upon a customized evaluation system developed by Bell. Suppliers offering year-over-year cost reductions will perform best in this metric.

Final scores are based upon a weighting applied to each of the four key metrics and adding these weighted figures up for a final score. Each metric is scored (1-Outstanding, 2-Superior, 3-Acceptable, 4-Marginal, 5-Unacceptable) based upon its criteria. These scores are then multiplied by their designated category weights, and all scores are then added together for a final score.

MSP Aviation’s Scorecard Results:

Quality (1): 1 x 0.40 = 0.4
Delivery (1): 1 x 0.40 = 0.4

Collaboration (1): 1 x 0.10 = 0.1
Pricing (N/A)

Total: 0.9

Final Score = 1 (Outstanding)

Congratulations, MSP Aviation, for an Outstanding score!