The most versatile tool in a machine shop is the Waterjet, cutting a variety of materials, including: Stainless & Carbon Steel; Aluminum; Plastic; Foam; Rubber; Wood; and, Stone. Water jet machines have razor-like accuracy, cutting as thin as a few thousandths of an inch, and do not impart mechanical stresses, in turn, leaving materials flat.
The process is as simple as putting a part design into a computer that controls the water cutter to make the part. The envelope size is 60″ x 144″, and it cuts several types of materials, from foam to steel, and varying thickness as well, even steel up to 6” thick.

MSP Aviation uses the OMAX MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet System, featuring the fastest speeds and the highest available hydraulic horsepower at the nozzle. The Omax Maxiem 1530 is one of the most efficient Waterjet Cutting Systems.
More efficient cutting due to OMAX’s Direct Drive Pump technology
Can easily machine any material, from steel and titanium to carbon fiber, composites, glass, and more
Machines a wide range of thicknesses.
No mechanical stresses
Environmentally green, energy efficient water-jet cutting system
The MAXIEM 1530 sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet machining with the ability to handle most plate sizes and produce more accurate results due to digital linear encoders which provide instant micron-level cutting.

MSP Aviation is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of precision machined parts for the aviation and defense industries. Beyond manufacturing of completed products, MSP Aviation offers various capabilities and services for outside processing.

Contact us today to learn more about our ‘one-stop’ processing capabilities. Our customer service team is prepared to explain how MSP can take you from concept to finished product, complete with a certificate of conformance.